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Tatiana Zanardi worked for 20 years for the largest publishing house in Brazil and developed her career in the areas of technology, marketing and education. She has MBA in e-Business and Business Management. She has produced and launched several videos for the Mergulho Magazine website, Bonaire Tourism Board, Turks and Caicos Tourist Board, and Project Ocean Alive. Innovative and creative, Tatiana has founded the Initiative Cook 4 Life for a sustainable gastronomy. She is ambassador of the "Mares para Siempre Initiative", from Marine Stewardship Council. 


Alcides Falanghe has been contributing for more than 30 years to the growth of the Brazilian diving market which today is estimated at 300,000 divers. He has extensive experience in training, tourism, photography and media. An industry pioneer, Alcides was the first dive travel wholesaler in Brazil. The first Brazilian photographer to be awarded the CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship, he has published Mergulho Magazine from 2004 to 2014. 


Currently they are sailing and diving around Caribbean aboard the catamaran Ocean Eyes, documenting the marine and coastal environment. The expedition started in March 2011; Alcides and Tatiana are considering circumnavigating the globe aboard the catamaran Ocean Eyes. 


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